Whispers in the Wind

Hi everybody. I have been busy trying to market my book. I have an appearance on Central Valley Talk on August 3rd at 11:00 am. Also August 12th I am in Quincy, CA at Epilog Bookstore (that’s how it’s spelled). August 23rd at Politi library and 24th at Woodward library. I am waiting for a couple more to get back to me. One fabulous thing is I am in Fresno County Library. Can ask for it now they will let you know when it comes in. It has been put on their catalog. Excited about that. I have dates in December 7th at Clovis library and December 14th at Betty Rodriguez library.

I hope some of you will go to your library and support them. Bookstores are great also. The book barn in Clovis and Sundance Bookstore in Reno both have my books. Barnes and Noble said they were looking at probable November date for me. This is all so cool. Such fun. Please keep in contact with me. VeronicaGiolli.com


I want to give you a first page review of my book.

Sunday, March 1985

The wind is coming. I feel the cold air. My hair is caught up, whirling round and round. The wind is taking me. My body’s light as air. What’s happening? I choked on my own blood. Did I hear a gunshot? I smell gun oil–hot metal.  I’m rising. Stop. What’s pulling me?  Where are my boys? Where am I? Am I dead?

Help! Someone help me! Sunny! What’s happening to me? I want my boys. Where are my boys? You know I would never leave them.   And Gina’s spirit rose with wind.